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5 Awesome Games For Awesome Learning Opportunties

Let’s face it, video games are not going anywhere. Instead of turning away from them, many educators have come to embrace games as another tool they can deploy to engage students and create learning opportunities. The games teachers have typically used in school though, are increasingly being shunned by students who see through the disguise - these “edu-games” are boring and tend to not have the same quality standards as more commercially available games. Students want the same experience at school with their games as they have at home. Thankfully, some educators are catching on and starting to work with real, commercially available games; the ones their students play at home.

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Gaming’s Not Just for Kids: What Educators Need to Know About eSports

League of Legends, DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm and—of course—Fortnite.

You may recognize these as titles of popular video games, even if you aren’t strictly a “gamer.” The reality is that video games and the communities, organizations and players surrounding them have become big business—some worth potentially millions of dollars.

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