Talk about Resilience... Robert Jones and GentStyle via Don Wettrick

Are you looking for an amazing lesson in grit and resilience, dashed with an incredible comeback story, and some lessons on entrepreneurship and business success (man that sounds like a lot) do I have something for you! I was so inspired by this and I wanted to amplify it as much as possible.

Robert Jones lost his parents at 6 years old in a horrific murder-suicide he witnessed. For almost anyone you could stop there. We’ve heard the story before and it usually doesn’t end well. In this case though, Robert - with the support of his obviously amazing Grandmother, turned tragedy into something special. Take a look:

Thanks to Don Wettrick and StartEd Up for sending this my way. I didn’t want to just re-tweet it, I wanted to give it a home somewhere where I could personally come back to it and watch it again and again. I’m inspired by this. Don is doing amazing work and the results are speaking for themselves.

Also, I’ll be following GentStyle on YouTube because lord knows I could use some fashion advice myself!