Podcast PD is a thing. Here Are THREE Podcasts to Get You Started


There aren’t many groups who see a trend and capitalize on it better than educators. Websites, video games, YouTube, social media, and so many other modern mediums are home to tens of thousands of educators sharing their stories and insights. So when podcasting exploded in popularity, educators flocked to it to learn and share. It's not hard to understand why podcasting has become so popular. For businesses and brands, podcasting offers an amazing opportunity to reach tech-savvy, affluent, audiences. Podcast listeners buy things. Knowing that, companies didn’t hesitate to use podcasting to get their message out. Podcasts have been amazing for the advertising industry. Statistics show that podcast ads are listened to, and acted on, more than almost any other medium. New stories are being told and new talents are being discovered. For the average person, podcasting can be seen much like YouTube was: a space with a low barrier to entry, where if you have something to say, and you think people want to listen, you can say it and share it.

Podcasting in the Classroom

The nature of podcasting as a barrier-free medium has opened the door for creative teachers looking to expose their students to media production and digital literacy in a new and exciting way. Free tools such as Anchor and Audacity make it simple to get started - all you have to do is hit record!

We know that creativity provides the opportunity to develop agency in students - the notion that they are working on something that is bigger than themselves. Podcasting takes this notion of student voice and amplifies it. Now, classrooms all over the world are sharing the work they are doing in their classrooms with students and teachers all over the world. When students voices are amplified, they are more engaged. When students are more engaged, they work harder. When students work hard, the outcomes improve. It really does seem like podcasting is an incredible tool for classrooms.

Three EDU Podcasts Everyone Should Listen To

For educators, podcasting has become an opportunity for teachers to have a voice of their own. Not hidden behind an administrator, district office, or anyone else. There are thousands of incredible educators who believe they have insight and knowledge to share. Podcasting has become the perfect medium for them to do that. Looking to add some educational podcasts to your feed? The three podcasts below are polished, with high production quality. They are also completely different in style and length - there is something for everyone in podcasting - these three are a great place to get started on your EDU podcast journey!



OnEducation is hosted by Glen Irvin, a veteran foreign language teacher and Educational Technologist in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, and Mike Washburn the Head of Curriculum and Training for Canada’s leading Educational Technology and robotics company, Logics Academy. Unique in the educational podcasting space, OnEducation blends humor and smart engaging topics along with talking to the best and brightest educators in the world. This makes OnEducation a great source not only for entertaining and timely conversations about “Teachers, teaching, and everything in between” but for trusted, expert level opinions on the best software and technology for the classroom. Click here to subscribe: plnk.to/oneducation


Cult of Pedagogy

The Cult of Pedagogy podcast is hosted by speaker and educator Jennifer Gonzalez. Gonzalez was a middle school language arts teacher for 7 years and taught pre-service teachers before starting Cult of Pedagogy. Now, Gonzales travels the world speaking to educators. The Cult of Pedagogy podcast features incredible guests and a level of insight virtually unmatched in educational podcasting. Most consider this podcast a “must-listen”. Check out cultofpedagogy.com to learn more.

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Hosts Don Wettrick and Hunter Stone are passionate about empowering students to be innovators and take their creativity to the next level. StartEdUp features guests who cover a whole gambit of topics. From business to politics to yes, education, StartEdUp isn’t just for educators, it is for anyone interested in listening to insightful conversation from a couple of incredible smart guys. Not only does StartEdUp have the podcast but also does work in schools all over the United States teaching students how to be innovative and creative entrepreneurs. Their foundation supports young business owners with interest-free loans to help them get their business idea off the ground. Amazing work. You can find out more about StartEdUp by visiting startedupinnovation.com

** This article originally was written for Innovation & Tech Today Magazine’s STEM section, visit their site here: https://innotechtoday.com/ **

** Disclaimer: I am the co-host of OnEducation**